VPS Payment APIs: It’s easy to connect!

Accepting payments through your government or school website has never been easier with Value Payment Systems’ two powerful and simple-to-use payment APIs. APIs (application program interfaces) enable entities like yours to use cloud services to enhance your users’ experience and,… Continue Reading →

One Touch and QR Codes simplify payments

Value Payment Systems’ (VPS) endless endeavor to find new opportunities to improve and enhance the payer’s experience. Additionally, we also seek ways to make paying faster and frictionless. To do this, VPS seeks out new and innovative technology and establish… Continue Reading →

Renters can finally ditch their checkbooks for good

Due to steep service fees for debit card payments in the rental and property management industry, the majority of renters and property owners have opted to pay rent and other payments with checks. This is about to change. Value Payment… Continue Reading →

Digital Wallets: Why are they important?

How bothersome is it to pull out your credit or debit card every time you want to make a purchase on your mobile phone? This is an inconvenience digital wallets have hoped to ease. Digital wallets are at the nexus… Continue Reading →

Security Corner – EMV Update

Security Corner – EMV Update Liability Shift and the New Terminals: A Tale of the Swipe vs. the Dip By Joe Thomas, Director of Network Security, VPS October 1, 2015. The deadline for merchants to be able to accept chip-based EMV cards… Continue Reading →

Security Corner PCI-DSS: What is it, Why is it, and Why Should You Care?

By Joe Thomas, Director of Network Security. VPS Payment Card Industry Data Security Standards (PCI-DSS, for not-so-short) is a set of requirements— technological safeguards to prevent credit card data theft—that merchants accepting credit cards must implement…   Who Says? The Payment… Continue Reading →

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