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Live Agent, on the Line: 6 Days a Week, 12 Hours a Day

This is the busiest time of year (up to April 15 and beyond) for VPS Live Agent customer support. And that’s a dead-accurate summary of the numbers, not an estimate, based on the company’s extensive experience in processing tax payments. “We’ve… Continue Reading →

Security Corner: VPS Has Clients Seeing Double when They Look for an E-payment Provider

By Joe Thomas, Director of Network Security, VPS Though they may use the phrase, “system availability” or “uptime”— typically expressed as a percentage (i.e. 99.99%)—our clients and prospective clients are looking for redundancy and failover capabilities. Redundancy is having extra… Continue Reading →

Partner Profile: BAS (Business Automation Services, Inc.)

For Robert Vitti, Vice President of BAS, “integration” is a key word. It takes in what his company does—the integration of software solutions, website design, and IT services—as well as the integration of BAS software solutions with mu- nicipal government… Continue Reading →

Convenience Fees

Actually, for people in the broad payment services and processing businesses, explaining how credit card and debit card convenience fees and service fees are derived, is the basic stuff of the game. Most billpayers, however, would find it fairly challenging… Continue Reading →

ChildSupportBillPay Takes Off

It costs a county agency nothing to establish or run a ChildSupportBillPay program. And it can result in more support payments paid and more paid on-time. “County agencies have found that they can redirect some of their staff’s efforts to… Continue Reading →

Gwinnett County, GA Sees Major Increase in Online Property Tax Payments

Located northeast of mid-town Atlanta, Gwinnett County is the second most populous county in Georgia with 805,321 residents (2010 census). In 2012, the tax commissioner’s office set a goal to increase online payment for property taxes. Since that decision was made—and… Continue Reading →

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