The latest package of on-site/online, digital and print promotional tools—in a variety for formats—PowerPack 3.0 is aimed at increasing awareness of your VPS e-payment program, and boosting usage.

From posters and counter cards to flyers and email blast template files, PowerPack 3.0 gives clients a full complement of promo items—all packed (digitally speaking) on flash drive.

The 3.0 mailer also contains samples of popular print promo items. Everything in 3.0 is themed around a tag line—“for all the ways you want to pay”—and keyed to mobility, customers’ increasing preference for on-the-go payment options.

The message is: convenience in tax, bill, and fee payments. Convenience and ease-of-use. And speed.

Call it, The War Against Stamps and Envelopes. Or not.

In any case, increasing customer usage of the e-payment option—anywhere, anytime, from any device— is what it’s all about.

Enjoy. PowerPack 3.0, no-cost to government campaign designed to build organic growth… coming to clients soon… in the mail!