Due to steep service fees for debit card payments in the rental and property management industry, the majority of renters and property owners have opted to pay rent and other payments with checks. This is about to change.

Value Payment Systems (VPS), in conjunction with Visa, is now offering a new flat/fixed sub-$5 debit card service fee to property management clients. Payers can now enjoy a much lower service fee when paying with a Visa debit card and finally ditch the checkbook for good.

“A change is long overdue in the property management industry. VPS is a committed leader in bringing low, flat/fixed debit card fees to the marketplace. We’ve exhibited great success in driving down fees for taxes and other government payments. It only makes sense to bring this vision to property management and other industries,” said Scott Slusser, VPS Chief Marketing Officer.

For more information about adding a low Visa debit service fee to your rental and property management payment options, please contact one of our sales representatives at sales@valuepaymentsystems.com.